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The Kiwi-Coin Bitcoin Exchange

Kiwi-Coin is the 100% New Zealand owned and operated online exchange for bitcoins.

Kiwi-Coin is founded by group of kiwi bitcoin-enthusiasts with 6 years experience in bitcoin.

We have built a secure bitcoin trading platform and are inviting the public to participate in the market which is run on our platform.

We have online public chat (for registered and non-registered users) and we are looking forward to discussing our service with you and we are always open to your proposal as to how we can improve our service.

We accept NZD deposits and doing NZD withdrawals only from/to New Zealand bank accounts. Looking to buy/sell bitcoins in any other places around the world? Here is the nice site to start with: buybitcoinworldwide.com

Our Features:

  • Registered NZ Financial Service Provider
  • 100% NZ owned and operated
  • XBT/NZD market
  • Market-Maker[1] fee: 0.4%
  • Market-Taker[1] fee: 0.8%
  • Free test mode with free test bitcoins
  • Instant NZD deposit
  • Instant XBT withdrawal (under certain limit)
  • Live order book
  • Online public chat
  • Online support
  • Support tickets system
  • API for automated trading
[1] What does Market-Maker/Market-Taker mean:
  • You are a Market-Maker if you have created an 'Advanced' or 'Floating' order and your order was sitting in the order book at the time a taker took it.
  • You are always a Market-Taker if you have created a 'Simple' order.
  • You are also a Market-Taker if you have created an 'Advanced' order which matched the price of an opposite order and executed instantly which will always be a better or the same price for you than you setup in your 'Advanced' order.
  • You are also a Market-Taker if your 'Floating' order price has been changed by the system and as result of that new price of your 'Floating' order it is matched by the price of an opposite order and has executed.

Contact & Feedback


We are committed to providing uncompromising Customer Support and the service we are providing is known to be unmatched across NZ. Hundreds of customers continue to rely on us for their cryptocurrency needs.

For help with withdrawing/depositing, account verification and generally with your account matters use Private Chat page. You can contact us on the page either via a support ticket, or if there's an urgent matter, via Online Support.

Support tickets are only available for registered users. You can sign up on the Create an Account page.

For anonymous users, the chat for Online Support is being cleared after a period of inactivity, so to get a response you need to keep the page open.


For your suggestions on how to improve Kiwi-Coin, feature requests, general feedback, your help to us and other matters, you can reach us at [email protected]


For important updates and news we have a twitter account! Subscribe! @kiwi_coin_com

Since our beginnings in March 2016, Kiwi-Coin Ltd, have received and complied with 0 (zero) government (or any third-party) demands for information.

If this notice disappears from our website, it will mean that we have been served with some sort of legal demand that requires our secrecy.